Roy’s passion for wood working can be traced back to when he was a young boy. Roy was surrounded by the influence of the craft of wood working. His late father had a furniture business and taught Roy the art of crafting items out of wood and wrought iron. His passion for creation developed over the years and continued as he trained in shell and wood production in High School and College. His passion shines through Roy’s many home improvement projects and handiworks. 


It started off as a small hobby. Helping his wife, Anne, on the production process for her accessories and creating displays for her business. Then crafting mills for pepper, salt and spice, as she loves to cook. Eventually, Roy began to produce peppermills as presents for close family and friends. He designed five peppermills, all named after each one of his children, all made with natural elements of wood and shell. Having experienced first-hand his wife’s journey as an accessory designer and producer, he decided to make his hobby into a business, tying in his expertise and passion in the craft of creation, founding Baroy. 

Baroy aims to expand its products focusing on home furnishings and male accessories, such as fruit and wine baskets, cellphone holders, wooden bow ties and the like. On brand with his wife’s jewelry and accessory company, each product will be crafted with natural elements. With the help of a small production team in Calgary, Alberta, Roy plans to continuously develop new products and work alongside Anne at local and global markets and events. 

In the future, Roy hopes that through this journey he can continue to grow his influence of this craft to his three sons, just like his father did to him, while sharing his passion with those who engage with his products.