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Coffee Grinder – Nonie

Coffee Grinder – Nonie

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Upgrade your home brewing game with our antique coffee grinders that bring the coffeehouse experience to your doorstep. Our manual grinders are the perfect addition to your brewing station, preserving the natural flavour, aroma, texture, and oils of your beans. With adjustable fineness settings, you can customize your grind to suit your preferred brewing method, from a fine finish for drip machines to coarse for French presses.

Crafted by hand with a natural wood base and sturdy cast iron mechanisms, each of our grinders is designed to handle large batches of beans and comes with a built-in drawer to collect grounds. But our antique-style mill isn’t just limited to coffee – it’s also perfect for grinding dry spices, nuts, and other gourmet ingredients, making it a versatile tool in any kitchen.

With dimensions of approximately 6.50″ (L) x 5.75″ (W) x 11.50″ (H), this stunning piece will make a great display and conversation starter in any home. Invest in our manual coffee grinder today and elevate your home brewing game to the next level.

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