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Wood Knife - 6" or 9"

Wood Knife - 6" or 9"

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Shop our Handmade Natural Robles Wood and Gmelina Wood Knives. These can be used as serving or spreading knives for cutting cheese, butter, and vegetables.

The knife comes in two sizes – 6″ or 9″ and is handcrafted with care using the finest natural materials. Due to the unique nature of real wood, every piece will have variations in colour and grain. This product is crafted using natural beeswax, ensuring no harmful wood stain chemicals are used. It is also food safe, making it a perfect choice for kitchenware. For long-lasting shine and finish, apply beeswax on the surface and buff it with a cloth. This process gives an excellent shine and cleans and protects the product.

Invest in safe, durable and sustainable wooden knives today!

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